Aldo Antonio Photography Reviews

JANUARY 30, 2018 NYC

I met Aldo two years ago by an agency referral. I am so glad I did. Aldo is the most professional photographer that I have met in ten years since I came to States from my native Colombia. And trust me, I have met several photographers, booking sessions  and walk away right away because they did not give me a good vibe. Aldo is the only one who has made me feel so comfortable with the sessions even  knowing  that  I am horrible model, I don't feel sexy at all, plus, I have so many body insecurities. He had the patience, loving understanding and the magical touch to make me feel like family. He will guide you along the best way thorough the whole session. I have done two shoots with him so far and  I can't wait for third one this year.  


Carolina Andre

December 1st, 2017 NYC

I came to Aldo after doing a Google search for Boudoir Photographers in New Jersey.  Little did I know I would be finding a gem and the BEST photographer ANYWHERE!  Aldo, my husband was THRILLED with the boudoir photos you took of me.  He said to tell you how thankful he is, that not only that you made me feel so comfortable with the whole process, but also because you captured that woman he has loved since we were teenagers.  Being in your 40's can sometimes feel old, but you made me feel and look 20 again.  Bravo, Aldo! You have given me back my Mojo!!  ;)

- Samantha, NJ.

August 27th, 2017 New Jersey


Aldo!!!!!  I can't thank you enough for these wonderful photos!!  My fans LOVE them, and already I'm enjoying more and more bookings for my modeling gigs! Yay!  You were an absolute joy to shoot with - so kind, professional and brilliant at what you do.  I can't wait to come back and do my video with you!  Thank you for being who you are, and for taking such good care of your clients!

- Amanda (insert hearts here!!)

April 30th, 2017 NYC


Taking pictures is one of my least favorite things to do. Aldo’s obvious enthusiasm for what he does makes this process much more tolerable. His positive demeanor instantly creates an energetic, comfortable ambiance. He communicates direction beautifully, and never, ever screams. Aldo is a patient person who kindly takes into consideration whatever bizarre concept I’ve concocted. I find him to be sensitive regarding satisfaction— as a whole. It is really nice to work with someone who cares so much. I think Aldo is lovely.

With Warmth and Sincere Appreciation,

- Claudia Cole.

8/23/2016 - Philly


From the first time I met Aldo at his studio 2 years ago, I was instantly impressed. His degree of professionalism and talent with photography go beyond anyone I have ever worked with. I am very hard to please and Aldo is the only photographer I will ever work with again. Most recently I had him come to my home for a photo shoot and never before would I trusted someone to do that. He is honest, trustworthy and make a you feel at ease. I recommend him to anyone I know and have. He produces beautiful works of art and you really do get what you pay for. He knows how to pose you and is the best in his craft. Amazing work Aldo and thank you! 


Kelly of Dallas

12/10/15 New Jersey

I never imagined I could ever do a boudoir photo shoot because I'm a busy mom with three kids, I work full time, and I have loads of bodily shame. My husband prodded me a bit and the gems I discovered about myself after working with Aldo could not have been dug out even with ten years of therapy. Aldo is the most encouraging, positive and gentle artist behind a camera, and perfect for any woman who needs to feel comfortable in her skin. He'll only take you as far as he knows you can go, which, for me, was just what I needed in my healing journey. Looking forward to unearthing more insight! 


Sally, NJ

10/24/14 Washington, DC


Let me start off by saying...Aldo Antonio is an AMAZING photographer! When it comes to professionalism, experience, and personality this guy takes the cake! When shooting with Aldo I felt extremely comfortable, as if we had known each other for years. He valued my opinions during my shoot and catered to what i did and didn't like. After finding him, I am already looking forward to our next shoot together.  I will never have to deal with big ego, judgmental photographers ever again now that I have found my go-to guy! Thank you so much Aldo! I cant wait till our next shoot! 





As a very busy professional couple who lead relatively conservative lives, we always had the fantasy to do a sexy photo-shoot. We were both very nervous about actually moving forward, however after speaking with Aldo it was readily apparent that he was a professional and our discretion and privacy were paramount. Once we met with Aldo for the shoot he truly made us feel at ease and the photo session was amazing. Aldo is a gifted artist and we are both so elated with the results. I cannot recommend Aldo more highly if you are looking to create some very special memories.


David and Saphira, Dallas Texas

December, 2013 - Florida


How much praise can I sing about Aldo's excellent work and customer service skills? He is incredibly willing to work with what a lady desires to shoot and brings out her best self. Aldo is warm, friendly and easy to work with. His lens is able to capture your best image, over and over again. And when it comes to inputting his models ideas into the shoot and retouching them exactly as she desires he is amazing. I highly recommend working with him as soon as you get a chance!


--Sitara Devi

October 2013 NYC


Thanks a million for the AMAZING pictures from SOHO & MN last year!!

I am looking forward to having many more great sessions in the future!

Not only are you a highly skilled top notch photographer that captures 

beautiful images you are also such a beautiful person to meet & know.


I Appreciate your keen eye in regards to knowing best looks for backgrounds,

colors to wear, poses, hair, makeup, lighting, fantastic proof choices, etc.


You are one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to do biz with...

PLUS - SO professional, chill/easy to be around/ relaxed AND totally wonderful at your art. 

Thanks for being VERY COOL--YOU!!!


~Queen of Massage

11/30/13 Chicago:


Aldo's work speaks for itself, all the gorgeous photos in his portfolio speak volumes!  In an industry that demands discretion, he understands this, too. He is kind and easy to be around, and understands we are not models- he knows what to "do" with us to showcase our best features. He is open to your ideas, but if this is new for you and you need some guidance, he is the best choice, in my opinion.  I have had 4 shoots with him, and I can't wait for the next one.    He is highly professional and will create an environment that will put you at ease instantly, make you look and feel like a STAR, and you will get your proofs and retouches back very timely.    And yes, for all that, he IS very reasonable! Shooting with Aldo is like being around a trusted friend with an amazing gift. Aldo is a true artist, and he will take your privacy seriously. He has a stellar reputation for all these reasons and more. You will be so pleased with your decision and your finished product.

-Astrid Eve Minneapolis, MN

11/21/2013:   New Jersey

Aldo, I just wanted to drop you a thank you letter. I was surprised after my birthday party with a beautiful photo journal of my wife in incredible sexy clothes and poses. I can't believe what she did for me! It was tremendous!!! I just can't thank you enough for the pictures and being a gentlemen. My wife was extremely comfortable with you. She wants to come back and take more pictures and I have said go for it. Mama didn't raise no stupid kid. I didn't know I could fall deeper in love.


Steve James

7/23/1013: Chicago


To the wonderful Aldo -


Thank you so very much!  


First and foremost, what a splendid collection of pictures!  I truly had an absolute blast and it shows in the pictures.  Please please do come back to Chicago - I'll be the first to sign up!!  Truly beautiful work - I seriously cannot wait to put together the portfolio for my website and which pictures to place where - decisions decisions!!!


I had an absolute blast and it shows - thank you for your creativity and expertise


Hugs and lots of kisses!!



Ava Monroe

4/12/2013:  NYC

Aldo!!!!  All I can say is Wow.....You gave me a new appreciation for my body, I didn't realize my legs looked so long and strong!!  I think you brought out a beauty I always knew lurked under the surface but could not quite free myself. For that alone I owe you a thousand thanks and blessings.  The photos are amazing.  You are amazing.   ~~



1/03/2013:   New Jersey


42 yrs old & feeling great about me, my life & especially my body. I wanted to celebrate this time in my life & wanted to empower myself by having professional bouidoir shots...when I met Aldo I saw his work & was amazed & impressed but when we talked about his belief that this experience was empowering to women & that he enjoyed being a part of that I realized that he & I were on the same page & that was deciding factor to use him for my pics.  Needless to say I was extremely pleased with the experience & with the pics & have now come back to do it again, b/c 43 is just as great, if not better than 42!!  


- Elena, New Jersey.