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Aldo Antonio: as a life-long lover of Photography, turned professional Boudoir Photographer in 1995,  I specialize in taking sexy, alluring, sensual, discreet photos for both women and couples, in a variety of styles such as Boudoir, Lingerie, Artistic, Glamour & Sensual, Intimate Couples Photography.  Based in northern New Jersey and proudly ranked as one of the Top Boudoir Photographers in NJ.


"Live to the Point of Tears" ...Albert Camus

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Boudoir & Glamour

My approach to Boudoir Photography is very simple.  I love bringing out a woman's inner confidence and helping them feel sexy and empowered.  Why not!  Every woman is sexy and alluring in their own way.  It's my role as a Boudoir Photographer to help you get there.  I provide a relaxed, no stress, easy going environment for your Boudoir Photo session, either in a location of your choice, or in my studio location in Wyckoff, NJ.  I travel frequently to New York City, Connecticut, Boston, DC and all around the country for glamour photography and boudoir/wedding/engagement photos.  So many women have told me that taking sensual, sexy, discreet photos is something they've thought about for a long time - most have been a little nervous at first - and all have said afterwards that it was a wonderful, fun, empowering experience!

Boudoir Photographer NJ

Professional Erotic Portfolio | Private Gift | Engagement Suprise.

Much of my Boudoir Photography is also appreciated in large part within the adult entertainment community.  Why? One word: Trust & Professionalism.  Ok, that was two words. ;).  I have worked extensively with women in the entertainment world: glamour models, Internet models, entertainers, dancers, etc.  My work and my reputation are highly regarded in these communities because I am a trusted photographer, because I provide high quality intimate photos that help them grow their own internet marketing and client base.  They need someone trustworthy, who will be professional at all times, who will respect their intellectual property with discretion, and someone who will protect all confidential information.  I am all of those things, and proud of it.  If you are someone in these circles, you will not have any trouble finding ladies who will provide references as to my demeanor and professionalism. 

Boudoir Photographer New Jersey

In Home | On Location | Boudoir Sessions

Whether you are a woman who is looking to take sexy, alluring, sensual boudoir photos for fun or for a loved one as a gift, or whether you are a professional model looking to keep your marketing photos current and fresh, my mission is still the same: to provide a trusted, relaxed, professional environment for your boudoir session; to treat you with respect & professionalism at all times; to provide you with high-quality, sexy photos that you will enjoy and appreciate forever! I am a Boudoir photographer based in New Jersey, but also travel all around the New York, Philly, Boston, DC areas frequently, as well as other cities and destinations throughout the year!

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