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All Pricing & Packages are customizable to suit individual needs.  Please keep the following into consideration when selecting a shoot package:  Shoot times will always depend on the complexity of scenes, wardrobe changes, changes to hair/makeup during a shoot, or if outdoor/on location shots are included, 


PhotoShoot Deposit $100

Services Available:



1 Hour Photoshoot*


*Includes all the RAW images plus 5 Edited Photos

Additional Edits: $15/each

2 Hour Photoshoot*


*Includes all the RAW images plus 10 Edited Photos

Additional Edits: $15/each

Half Day or On Location (up to 4 Hours)*


*Includes all the RAW images plus 10 Edited Photos

Additional Edits: $15/each


*Deposit Required (see below)

*Hair/Makeup is not included, but can be arranged if needed.  Typically can range around $125-$150 to have an MUA/Hair meet you at my studio.  Their rates can vary if extended times are required or additional changes in makeup/hair are requested.

**Optional Service: On-Set Personal Assistant - YOUR Assistant - [$100/1 Hr] [$175/2 Hr]

*Shoot Prices are at my location or studio. 

*Travel fees apply when traveling to you: $75 up to 50 Miles 

Video & Photo Combination Shoots


Music Video*


*Up to 1 Minute fully edited video with music.  

Shooting time should run approximately half hour

Combination Photo & Video Shoot*


*Includes a 2-Hour Photoshoot with 10 Edited Photos

Up to 1 Minute fully edited video with music.  

Social Media Blitz Package* 


  Lots of content for social media platforms:

10 edited photos,  1 edited Long video (60 seconds),  1 Edited Teaser Video (30 seconds)

Great for frequent posting on Twitter, IG or FB.   **Full Commercial Release** for your paid sites, such as Patreon or OnlyFans - unlimited, full release, no residual payments on anything you sell; you own the rights 100%; All Raw Images Delivered

Total Shooting time: 3 hours.

* Additional Edits: $15/each

VIP Divalicious Package*


Shooting time should run approximately 2-3 hours

Makeup artist/Light Hairstyling Included

On- Set Personal Assistant

15 Edited Photos

60-90 Second Full Production Video

Other Services Available:

Website Design

Content Writing

Video Editing (of your raw videos)

Photo Retouching

Banner Design